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Also got hooked on the hamster

Also got hooked on the hamster. I see guys making hundreds of millions already. And I have only 300k
Andrey, 32 years old

Better to boost hourly mining

Tapping here is terrible)) better to boost hourly mining and log in every day to get a bonus of 6 million coins..
Olga, 40 years old

Developers and project authors unknown

"The team of developers and the author of the project are unknown" Well, in a certain sense known, since they have already made more than a dozen of these tappers and airdrop-pyramids for sure, but so far they haven't given anything anywhere.
Pavel, 27 years old

All crypto projects in the CIS are a scam

as practice shows all crypto projects in the CIS territory are scams, or pyramids. All bloggers, coaches turn out to be fraudsters, or criminals who do not pay taxes. So as soon as you find out that this is a project from the CIS territory, immediately avoid it. I myself am tapping, I want to make sure once again.
Maria, 33 years old

Taps with no more than two fingers!

Taps with no more than two fingers! "That is, we need to hammer on the coin with the hamster with as many fingers as possible, earning 1 coin for each click. "
Ivan, 29 years old