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Hamster Kombat: a new NOTcoin?

Why you should consider this game. Earn 330 thousand coins per hour

"Hamster Kombat - the second NOTcoin" is a unique game that may be of interest to those who are interested in the world of cryptocurrencies. The game offers users the opportunity to create and manage their own cryptocurrency, while carefully monitoring its development and success. One of the key aspects of the game is crafting coins that accumulate in your balance every hour, which can be a motivating factor for participation.


Like NOTcoin, Hamster Kombat has some strategies that can help you accumulate coins. One of them is upgrading "exchanges," which bring the user hundreds of thousands of coins per hour. By upgrading various aspects of the game, you can increase the number of coins added to your balance.

However, as with any game, it is important to consider your actions and strategies. Although the opportunity to earn coins in the game exists, it is worth remembering that its success in the cryptocurrency market is not guaranteed. Players should assess the risks and benefits before investing their time and resources.

I hope everyone managed to accumulate NOT coins in the TG bot

I hope everyone managed to accumulate NOT coins in the TG bot? There is very little time left, as the developers themselves say, and the coin will appear on cryptocurrency exchanges. In the very beginning, many did not believe and considered that farming coins was a waste of time. But here's the catch! NOTcoins could already be sold as vouchers for "getgems" - on the pre-market of NOTcoin. I remind you that a voucher could be created if you accumulated more than 10 million coins. A voucher for 100 million coins was bought at auction for 880 thousand rubles. And on average, 100 million coins were sold for 300,000 to 480,000 rubles. A voucher for 10 million coins was sold (and is still being sold) on average for a price from 2500 to 9000 rubles. I remind you that it didn't take any effort to accumulate 10 million coins. I didn't sell coins as vouchers and won't sell them during the exchange listing. Most likely, after the NOTcoin appears on the exchange, the price will be significantly reduced. Everyone who wants to get something out of the project (here and now) will sell, while large players and large holders will buy coins and buy them cheaply. No one knows what role NOTcoin will play in this or that project, where it will be involved, so it is impossible to exclude the possibility that over time the coin will show significant growth. But by that time, most will have already dumped their savings for a song.

Hamster Kombat - an exciting hamster battle

Inspired by the success of NOTcoin, another team of developers decided to present a similar story and released a clicker game in the Telegram bot called "Hamster Kombat - Battle of Hamsters".

After entering the game through the provided link, players automatically receive 5000 coins. For premium account holders in Telegram, an even more generous reward is provided - 25,000 coins to start.

In this game, players take on the role of a hamster, despite how funny or seemingly insignificant it sounds. By clicking on the hamster character, players begin to accumulate coins at a rate of 1 coin per click.

The game offers a total of 9 levels that players can complete, each of which is marked by a different precious metal:

  • Bronze
  • Silver (when reaching 5000 coins)
  • Gold (at 25,000 coins)
  • Platinum (at 100,000 coins)
  • Diamond (at 1 million coins)
  • Epic (at 2 million coins)
  • Legendary (at 10 million coins)
  • Master (at 50 million coins)
  • Grandmaster (at 100 million coins)

As each level is achieved, the appearance of the hamster character changes, reflecting the player's progress and diligence.

How to increase your budget in Hamster Kombat?

How to increase your budget in Hamster Kombat? There are several ways:

  1. Clicking on the screen: This method may seem the most obvious and simple. Simply click on the screen to accumulate coins. However, this method may be effective only at the initial stage of the game.

  2. Upgrade your empire: A more reliable way to increase income is to develop your empire. It is especially important to upgrade the "exchanges" that bring hundreds of thousands of coins hourly to the user. Remember that every three hours the flow of coins stops, and you need to log back into the app to start accumulating coins again.

  3. Invite friends: Another way to increase your income is to invite friends to the game. The more active players in your network, the more coins you can earn.

On the main screen, go to the "MINE" tab, and a new window opens with four tabs:

  • Markets
  • PR & Team
  • Legal section
  • Special offers

Each tab has a number of tasks that can be completed to increase your income. The more you upgrade these tasks, the more coins you will automatically receive.

My app has been running for 14 days now, and during this time I have managed to increase my income to 333,000 coins per hour. I don't spend much time on this: I log in every three hours, collect coins, and if there's something to upgrade, I improve my empire.

What prospects lie ahead?

At the moment, there is no specific information about the timing of the coins' release on the exchange. However, in the "Airdrop" tab, developers assure that a free coin giveaway will take place soon.

You still have plenty of time to accumulate coins. And considering that it doesn't require any special effort, it would be unwise to miss such opportunities.

You never know what prospects may open up as a result of your participation. For example, take Dogecoin - ten years ago, no one could have imagined that a meme coin, whose value was close to zero, would rise in price by 1000 times.

Don't miss out on such opportunities. Get 5000 coins at the start and start accumulating coins until the Airdrop takes place.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is a real source of crypto crafting

This Telegram bot is completely legal, ensuring safety. I click coins every day with an autoclicker and wait for the drop.

Hamster Kombat has a very nice Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus from Hamster Kombat pleased me with its generous offer. When creating an account and making the first deposit, I received an impressive bonus of 5000 coins. Now I just need to increase this amount by x100,000

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