Blum on Telegram - a cryptocurrency bot for trading, farming points, and invitations

Blum bot in Telegram: should you pay attention to it?

Blum is an innovative application in Telegram for cryptocurrency trading, combining extensive functionality with ease of use.

The main features of the bot include:

  1. Trading cryptocurrencies directly in Telegram: there is no need to use a browser or install additional applications.
  2. Diversity of assets: support for a large number of cryptocurrencies, including tokens, meme-coins, new offerings, L1/L2 coins, markets, and futures. Pre-market trading is also possible.
  3. Multiple blockchains: support for more than 30 main blockchains, allowing users to easily switch between them.
  4. P2P trading in local currency: expansion of global opportunities for clients.
  5. Convenience of trading: elimination of the need to switch between blockchains, payment of commissions in native tokens, and frequent transaction confirmations.
  6. Comfortable DEX: offline order book and online calculations, storage options – non-custodial or MPC, interaction with popular crypto wallets.
  7. Integration of new trends: participation in NFT ecosystems and Ordinals.
  8. Referral program and bonuses: stimulating social interaction and rewarding users, making the learning and earning process on cryptocurrencies engaging.

Blum was also highlighted by experts from Binance Labs and was among the 13 out of 700 projects selected in the seventh season of the accelerator Most Valuable Builder.

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Blum Points – what are they and how to earn them

At the initial stage, the application allows users to farm Blum Points. These are potentially exchangeable tokens that can be earned by regularly visiting the bot and completing simple tasks.

How to start earning Blum Points:

  1. Launch the application, as indicated above.
  2. Press the Start Farming button.

The beginning of farming with Blum

From this moment, points will start to be added to your balance. Once every eight hours, you can enter and collect the accumulated rewards.

The farming process in Blum

In addition to earning more points, you can complete tasks in the Tasks section. These tasks include subscribing to the project on various social networks.

Additional tasks in Blum

Don't forget to press Claim after completing a task to receive your reward.

Collecting rewards in Blum

You can also earn through a two-level referral program (the Frens tab). Invite friends and receive 10% of their farmed points, as well as 5% of the points of their referrals.

Referral program in Blum

Keep an eye on the tasks tab, as new opportunities to earn additional points may appear.

It is not yet known exactly what Blum Points are needed for. The developers have plans for them – possibly, the points will be converted into real tokens or their holders will receive airdrops. In any case, don't miss the opportunity to earn them now, so you won't regret it later.

How to start earning Blum

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