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How to accumulate coins?

To start accumulating coins, you need to open the bot and start the game. By registering through my link, you will instantly receive 2000 coins to your account or 25000 coins (if you have a premium account).

The process of earning coins in the game is similar to that in NOTcoin or TapSwap, which I mentioned earlier. This means that we need to actively press on the coin with the image of a hamster, using as many fingers as possible, to earn 1 coin per click.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see an energy bar, which may be small at the initial level. However, it recovers over time, and you can also improve its level.

Automatic coin mining in Hamster Kombat

Many clickers offer passive coin mining through the purchase of special bots. This opportunity was introduced in NotCoin, the smartphone app TapSwap or Autoclicker, and other similar games.

Hamster Kombat also offers a similar solution, but its implementation is slightly different. As the director of the exchange, you need to promote your company. To do this, go to the "Mine" section at the bottom of the screen and start improving your exchange.

This section has several tabs, but they perform the same function. By purchasing improvements in each tab, you increase your passive income. It is worth noting that the higher the level of improvement, the more expensive it is.

This feature works for 3 hours of passive mode. For example, if your passive income is 30 thousand coins, then in 3 hours your balance will decrease by 90 thousand coins. However, if you are absent from the game for 5 hours, your balance will still decrease by only 90 thousand coins, as this function works only for three hours. To reactivate it, you need to enter the game again.

For rapid progress, it is recommended to register through my link (and receive a bonus of 2000 or 25000 coins), complete all one-time tasks, enter the game daily, improve passive coin mining, and, if possible, invite new players.

Leveling up and boosts in Hamster Kombat

To increase income, it is necessary to develop your hamster. For this, the game provides special tasks and bonuses.

It is interesting to note that there is automatic improvement upon reaching a new level. By moving to the next level (after earning a certain amount of coins), you automatically receive +1 for each click and +500 energy units, which is a unique feature compared to other similar projects.

Other ways to improve can be found at the bottom of your screen. Also, do not forget to choose which exchange you will be linked to. For this, small monetary rewards are also credited.

How to accumulate coins in Hamster Kombat, strategy

  1. Enter the game every three hours. Every three hours, the flow of coins stops, and you need to enter the app again for the coins to start accumulating again.

    Enter the game every three hours

  2. The ideal solution is to buy a cheap phone, put it on charge, and keep the app always open. You can even create several accounts in Telegram and accumulate coins on all accounts.

    The ideal solution

  3. Choose an exchange (for example, BingX) and upgrade cards, increasing their level. Each card brings coins per hour depending on the level. Cards will be unlocked as your level grows.

    Choose an exchange (for example, BingX) and upgrade cards

  4. Do not forget to enter and collect the daily reward for visiting the game. After 10 days and receiving 5 million coins, the day counter will reset, and you will start receiving coins in a cycle every 10 days and so on. In the end, for every 10 days, you receive a reward of 6,649,000 coins.

    Do not forget to enter and collect the daily reward for visiting the game

  5. Invite friends via the referral link. Friends will receive 5000 coins at the start, and you will receive 25,000 coins, and with a premium account – 100,000.

    Invite friends via the referral link.

  6. You can install an app called «Autoclicker» on your phone, there are many such apps. And turn it on until you run out of all energy, then receive a daily free Boost and again «click with the autoclicker». This will add a bit more coins to your stash.

    Autoclicker for Hamster Kombat

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