Bonuses in Hamster Kombat

Boosts (upgrades) in Hamster Kombat

By clicking on the rocket icon (Boost), you will find yourself in the boosts section. There are a few here, and all of them are standard for similar games.

Full Energy. This boost is free and fully restores your energy. It can be used up to 6 times a day, but with a limitation - once per hour; Multitap. Click enhancer. Each level of multitap gives +1 to each of your clicks; Energy Limit. This boost increases your maximum energy reserve. For each level, you receive 500 energy points. The boosts "Multitap" and "Energy limit" cost coins (of course, virtual ones). The higher the level, the more expensive the boost. For example, to reach the 7th level of multitap, you will need 64000 coins, and for the 8th level - already 128000 coins.

In addition, the game has a free boost "Rocket", which is supposed to temporarily increase coin earnings, but it is not active at the moment.

One-time tasks in Hamster Kombat

Let's start with reviewing the tasks, for the completion of which you will receive a one-time reward.

At the bottom of the "Earn" tab, there is a list of available tasks, for which you will be awarded bonuses. For example, by joining the group and subscribing to the channel in Telegram, you will receive 1000 coins.

Do not forget about the daily reward for visiting the game (Daily Bonus). By visiting the game daily for 10 days, you can earn up to 6649000 coins just like that.

You will also be rewarded for inviting friends, receiving from 2 to 25 coins for each. Moreover, for inviting the first three friends, you will receive an additional 10000 coins.